Monday, April 14, 2014

Rosie and the Velvet Bullet - Beautiful Everything

Future Noir Soul...  Taking everything that is beautiful about the 50s and adding a pop sensibility mixed in with R&B and EDM production, Rosie & the Velvet Bullet are serving up a fresh style that will turn heads.  "Beautiful Everything" is made exquisitely possible thanks to Bridget Barkan's gorgeous voice.  The track is fantastic and exceptionally well put together but if it wasn't her sultry swagger and soulful style, the two pieces would be discordant and wouldn't work right.  It's not just an homage to artists from the past, it's new and it's fresh.  It's exciting to hear two young people making music that is this innovative.  She has a bit of Rosin Murphy in her voice that makes me flash back to Moloko.  That's a good thing too.

This duo is going to be massive.  I can't wait to see where they go next.

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