Friday, April 4, 2014

Philip Bonneau - The Pawn Overture

In what will likely be the first act of his art project "Brave New Secrets", Philip has released "The Pawn Overture".  The track starts off with white noise, static, news reports and an overall sense of discord.  It quickly focuses in and becomes very airy and atmospheric.  Using a reading from Romeo & Juliet, we are then thrust into something that doesn't feel exactly right.  It's ominous and foreboding like something just outside the periphery is watching you.  You feel it on the back of your neck but can't quite place the feeling.  As the ambiance changes into something a little more fevered, you feel like you need to quicken the pace of your stride because it's just not safe.  The track is brilliantly put together and is done with such aplomb it actually caused an emotional response in me.  My heart rate actually increased a little and I was able to feel a connection to it.  There's a lull around the 7 minute mark that makes you feel like you've taken refuge or sanctuary and as soon as you feel rested, there are these discordant church bells that increase your anxiety once again but you soon realize that you may have thought you were fleeing from something that in actuality you were running toward someone.

Someone that you just might be star crossed with.  His use of "Mirror" by Ellie Goulding is genius.  It's not one of her more well known songs as it was on The Catching Fire Soundtrack and not one of her releases.  As a photographer, it amazes me that his skill at mixing and music production is as strong as it is.  There isn't a flaw in this piece.  It's built amazingly and it is brilliant in it's execution.  When he is actually able to put the images with this song, I think people are going to be blown away.  I may be a bit biased because I am a tremendous fan of his art and I think that with his point of view, there are many people that will be affected by this work.  It's incredible to me when people are able to lay their soul bare for the world to see and in doing so cause people to become more than what they were to begin with.  I've had the opportunity to get to know Philip and the man you see in the art is the man he is.  There's nothing pretentious or obtuse about him.  He is what you expect him to be and that honesty is priceless.

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