Friday, April 4, 2014

KORR-A - Fuck Me Like You Mean It

KORR-A has released a blistering track that is rapid fire from start to finish and the video is amazing.  What I learned, don't get between Korr-a and what she needs and don't fuck with a girl's shoes.  She's gonna win out in the end.  It's a blazing EDM track produced by Tearce "Kizzo" that kills.  The track is sure to get you on your feet and moving.  It sounds amazing on my computer but it will be massive when it hits the clubs.

The dancing in the video is gorgeous and the fight scenes are actually better.  I think it's super cool, sleek and fresh.  If it's a little too on the nose for you, she has released a version of the song/video that is more family friendly.  And you can watch that but I don't like censoring your art for any reason so I'll stick with this version of the song.  She's hot and it's good to hear strong points of view from women in EDM instead of simply being eye candy.  I'm a fan and think she deserves much more recognition than what she has.

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