Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jane Badler - Volcano Boy

No surprise that this video makes my pick.  Jane can do no wrong.  Even trapped under a sheet of ice, she smolders.  Giving it all to the camera is one of the most amazing qualities Jane has.  The song is sexy, it's fun and it's giving me the attitude and earnestness I've come to expect from Jane. She is able to be amazingly sexy and sultry without even trying.  That's simply not a talent that can be taught.  You either have to have in innately or not and she has it in spades.  Her longevity in the music industry is sealed as long as she continues to put out amazing track after track.  Because she isn't trying to prove anything to anyone with her music, she has the ability to pick amazing songs that showcase every ounce of her talent and propel her through the stratosphere.  This song is so hot (pun intended).  Love it, love her!

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