Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Titus Jones - Clarity Kids

This epitomizes how well Titus knows his craft. It's been a minute since we heard new music from him but this shows that he hasn't been away for any time at all. He knows how to disassemble things and how to put them back together.  He has laser like precision in his ability to make the parts  and make them into something so much larger than when they started.  I had not heard the Echosmith track prior to the mash up but it's fantastic.  MGMT and Zedd are two of those artists that are so exposed that this is a refreshing take on tracks that I felt were nearing the end of their shelf life.  Like most of his tracks, it's huge and got a tremendous sound to it that would only sound better in a club with 80,000 watts pushing it.

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