Monday, April 7, 2014

Leslyn - Runaway Heart

Trinidad and Tobago native, Leslyn has started making a name for her self in the mostly male dominated Dubstep scene.  Her voice cuts through the track like a knife and stands on its own.  The track starts out innocent enough but quickly turns into an amazing EDM track with Leslyn dominating it with her gorgeous falsetto.  It's got enough production to make it a very interesting track and help it stand out against so many other producers in the industry.  Give it and her other tracks on her SoundCloud a listen, specifically her debut single, "Young Wild and Free". 

I think she has the ability to do massive things if given the opportunity.  She has a sound and a feeling that is all her own that will take her far.  I hope she's able to get hooked up with the right people in order to help her break out in the club scene. 

Leslyn on the Web

Twitter: @Grandmaleslyn

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