Monday, April 14, 2014

Matt Zarley - Gravity (Sara Bareilles Cover)

Longing.  The power of desire and need that you feel and experience when the feelings are just too strong.  Being drawn in and to feel so powerless is something that even if for the briefest of moments we've been a victim of.  That sorrowful feeling of knowing that what you want above all else; what makes you whole is the very thing that's poisoning you.  Those relationships that no matter what you do you just can't shake them.  Even when you're away from them, they are in your thoughts and everything you do.  The idea of them sends you into a tailspin of emotion.  This pattern of behavior is how we end up with no where to go and no one in our corner.  But it hurts so damn good.

Matt Zarley was built for this song and it was built for him.  Sara Bareilles created the boiler plate for this song and set the bar exceptionally high and Matt destroys it in his cover. This cover hits every feeling you have.  The raw power of emotion he conveys in this performance is staggering.  I've always known his voice was gorgeous but this... this is just powerful.  When he holds the "down" at the end of the song, you just want to crumble onto the floor because it's that good.  This is what music is supposed to do.  This transcends a simple song.  It's art. It invokes feelings and memories and washes over you and makes you part of something more.  I am honored to have had the opportunity to hear this cover.

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