Monday, April 21, 2014

Meet Cattivo

I'm generally hesitant when I find an unknown producer because sometimes the work sounds like an arts and craft project, but when I came across Montreal based producer, Cattivo I put all those doubts aside.  Born in Montreal in the 1980s, Patrizio Rapagnetta is a classically trained pianist that first was bitten by the music bug when he heard a fellow classmate playing piano.  His parents supported his dreams and he started learning more about his craft and his ability to create.  As a teen he stretched his creative muscles and tried heavier sounding music in a heavy metal band and he went the opposite with a pop band trying to find where he fit and all the time, he was soaking in all those influences.  Influences that would later come in handy as he started crafting tracks out of thin air.

Cattivo released his debut album and has a new project coming out May 6.  If you listen to the tracks on his Soundcloud, this man seems fearless.  Whether it's a hip hop track with thunderous beats and one of the coolest flows on top of it or a lush, atmospheric piano driven piece with a presidential monologue capping off the vocals - it seems there's not a genre he's unwilling to tackle. If you're in the mood for some dream pop or some synth, he can hook you up.  If you want something more filling and a bit more moody or hardcore, he can fill the bill with that as well. When you are dealing with an up and coming producer, it can sometimes sound hollow and the sound isn't fleshed out but there are amazing highs and deep, rich bass notes that round out his production so it's not so "made at home".  As he continues to grow and mature with his abilities, I can only see better and better things for this young man.

Where I think he really shines are his piano based tracks.  They are played beautifully and they don't seem to be lacking in the risk department.  I would love to hear how he would fuse that beautiful piano playing with other styles, show an even broader array of influences.  Throw in some international beats, some heavy beats.  Do something next level that is going to catch em all off guard.  I'm gonna keep an eye on this young man and wait until I go, "DAAAAAAM!"

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