Thursday, April 17, 2014

Anastacia - Stupid Little Things

I initially missed the release back at the end of march, but I've made up for it with severe obsessing over this song.  I have been a fan of Anastacia for a while but where she hasn't been as embraced by the industry in America we haven't had nearly as much exposure to her work as artists the labels throw money at.  But she hasn't forgotten about us and has been releasing albums regularly since her debut back in 2000. She has had an amazing career overseas and that's amazing for her but like the Scissor Sisters, sad for her American fanbase because with imports and the internet, we really didn't have nearly enough exposure to her.  Her voice hasn't faltered over her fourteen year career.  She is only getting better with time and the maturity shines through in her overall sound, performance and overall attitude. 

This video is gorgeous, she's gorgeous and the song is so indicative of what makes her amazing.  Her voice is so distinctive that you can't help to be drawn in.  It's powerful and it's got a raw edge that makes it more than a simple pop song.  It's got a rock vibe that gives it depth and range that are grounded in her vocals.  Her performance in the song and video just takes center stage and isn't overwrought by the production or the backing track.  The song is all about getting over all the little things that we allow ourselves to get tripped up on.  We all do it, we end up making mistakes and can't seem to put them behind us to move on.  It's a massive track and I wish it would get the airplay it deserves because the world, America included, needs more Anastacia in our lives.

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