Sunday, April 20, 2014

Indiana - Solo Dancing

Driving beats, sultry vocals, production that lifts this track to the heavens, "Solo Dancing" is the newest single from UK pop star, Indiana.  I've been trying to get some background on her but she's very mysterious.  I know she's from Nottingham and this track has been picked up and played on Radio 1.  That says great things for her, I think. It's got such a cool synth vibe to it that just gets inside you.  The video has some very interesting themes to it that I will leave to your own imagination.  It took me a minute but I was like, ohhhhhhhhh I see now.  I am going to do more research into Indiana, the girl; not the state and report back with my findings.  Until then, spend your own time solo dancing.

Indiana on the Web

Twitter: @Indianathegirl

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