Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Son of a Kid - Clearly Now

It doesn't matter what the message behind the song is.  It doesn't matter how the track is crafted.  All that matters is that Son of of Kid continually puts out track after track that grows on the last one and is just better.  I try not to write about every song he releases because I don't want to just gush all the time but it can be hard not to when the music is this good.  "Clearly Now" is probably one of the best songs he's ever released.  If this is the caliber of work we can expect now that he's signed to a record label you can pretty much be assured that I will buy every record he puts out.  From the falsetto to the horns, this song is just packed full of awesome.  Sometimes you have to get away from someone in order to be able to see again.  It's one of those situations where you were too close to the forest to see the trees and now that you are free everything is going to be ok.

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