Friday, June 15, 2012

Mike and Cody - Lets Go!

Holy shit is this album incredible.  If you're a fan of College or the Chromatics then this album is going to blow you away.  Mike and Cody are old friends that have been making music for quite sometime and decided to make the leap from Jazz to Pop and I think it was probably the most amazing decision they could have ever made.  Let's Go is a 7-track EP that was released over a year ago but it has a sound that will fit in any revitalization of the New Wave era.  It's brilliantly crafted and each track builds on the momentum from the one before it.  It's just catchy pop music that makes you want to move along and let them take you where you need to go.

"I'm Going to Steal Your Date" is an incredibly well written anthem to seeing someone that you know should be with you over the loser they are with.  It really doesn't matter, they will be yours even if you have to just take them.  "Headphones On" is this lazy romp that just bounces around and before you know it, you're just bobbing along with it.  The bass line, the horns and all the little bits and pieces of "Everything You Do" makes a helluva funky song but then you listen to the lyrics and it's about a disastrous relationship that ends with having your eyes burned out by the sun.  "Devilish" needs to be on the soundtrack to Drive.  It's got a melancholy to it that makes it very moody.  It's like the person that you see across a room and know they have some form of a past.  This song is like that.  It's been places.  "Let's Go" will certainly get your booty shaking.  I think it's probably one of the strongest contenders for a mainstream single.  It sounds a bit like Patrick Stump and I think that's an incredible thing.  "Party Machine" is this great song with a ton of hope about meeting someone in the club and making a connection but having a blast doing it.  "My Favorite Place" is about as close to a ballad as the boys are going to pump out.  It's one of those great pronouncement songs that you want to be blaring from your boombox outside their house a la John Cusack.

This album doesn't have any missteps as far as I can hear.  It's going to be super easy just to throw it on and let it go.  From start to finish, each track is as good as the previous one.  They also have it on BandCamp where you can pay what you want for it.  I love that site because it removes all the bullshit and I know the artist is getting my money.  I know that it's not a lot but I would rather pay $5 to an artist for an EP and know they are getting 100% of the proceeds opposed to $15 with a record label and the artist maybe only get .1% of that.

It's a great album and it is unabashedly pop music to it's core and it is good.  There are no false pretenses here, from the first lick to the final note, this music is just made to make you sway along.


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