Friday, June 15, 2012

Moonchild - Back to Me

There are a few bands that you can count on when you just need to groove. Moonchild is one of them. It doesn't matter which song you throw on, you are going to quickly fall into the groove and be transported to a smoky club where the dress code is dapper and the guys and dolls are swanky.  Amber's vocals never cease to amaze me and she does a killer job channeling funk that is far older than she is.  I just want to lay back and let their music wash away the grime of my day and relax. They are another situation where you don't need a label or any of that to create really great music.  You just want to bob your head and float along.

Make sure you read up on two of their other singles so that you can be properly inducted into the cult of Moonchild.  They are a group to watch out for.  I think I would love to see them touring with Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings.  I think that would be a very cool and funky double bill.

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