Friday, June 1, 2012

Delta Rae - Bottom of the River

I ran across Delta Rae from a FB post a friend forwarded. He made a comment about how Brittany Hölljes reminded him of Hudson Lieck from Xena. He was enthralled with the supernatural aspect of the video and I immediately became impressed with the depth of Brittany's voice and how incredible their harmonies were. There are so many great things about this song and the video. I love how the step team came in to pound out the rhythm and I too loved the treatment for the video.

More importantly, watching this video lead me to watching other videos and I ended up on their website signing up for their mailing list and ultimately a free 11-track live album.  I was like, "Really? A whole live album for free... thank you sir I do believe I'll help myself".  In my opinion, it's one of the smartest moves they could have made as a band because it has now ensured my support and guaranteed my purchase of their full length album coming out on June 19th, Carry the Fire.

They describe themselves as Alt-Pop Americana Rock (I've called this style Melting Pot Pop or Gumbo Pop in the past because it's a little bit of everything thrown in) and I can see how they fall into this genre.  Go out and sign up for the mailing list, get the free album and then get in line and purchase the debut when it comes out.

Delta Rae on the Web
Twitter: @deltarae

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