Friday, June 15, 2012

Mike and Cody - Hot in Herre (Nelly Cover)

There are few artists that do covers that make me take notice. Michael Henry and Justin Robinett are probably one of my most favorite internet duos because of their way of taking something and turning it into something new. That was until I ran across Mike and Cody. These gentlemen don't just modify the arrangement, they create a brand new one. The synth track they laid down under this is ridiculous and the vocals are top notch. It turns an already great piece of music history into something new and original.  I will be doing more scouring of the internet to bring you more but until then, go pick up their album of original songs on their BandCamp.  They are doing that really great thing where you tell them how much you want to pay for the album.  I think that is the future of all music.  No labels, no middlemen...just the artist and the fans.

Also they do a killer cover of Britney's "Toxic".  It's really rad indie music and you need in in your life.

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