Friday, June 15, 2012

Azaelia Banks - Liquorice

After you pick your jaw up from the sheer amazement of her lyrical genius and flow, you may notice that Azaelia Banks is hot. Not just hot but out of this world hot. She has quickly become one of my most favorite female emcees because of her spitfire delivery and uniqueness. (Others include k.Flay and Kreayshawn) 

"Liquorice" is the second single off her 1991 EP and it will melt your face right off. Pick up the EP because it's a killer piece of work and proves that there are super intelligent rappers out there that make killer music.  The video has her cavorting around the old west in a variety of outfits and weapons.  The most dangerous is her vocabulary I think.  The video ends up with her facing off against herself in a duel to the death.  It's a super cool video with legit visuals that accentuate the video.  I am a fan and you should be as well.

P.S. she was also on The Scissor Sisters new album under the name, Krystal Pepasy.

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