Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jane Badler - Yesterday's Tomorrows (Ride the Universe Remix)

It's quickly becoming apparent that I am going to need a special section of my blog dedicated to the talent that is Jane Badler.  This remix of "Yesterday's Tomorrows" by Ride the Universe just rocks my socks.  The slow funk groove has elevated this song even higher than it has been.  My only problem is that I want more!!  The mix starts out with this heavy beat punctuated with claps then the piano kicks in.  By the time the horns hit, if you aren't bobbing your head there must be something wrong with your neck.  The guitar and bass come in and makes it extra stanky.  It makes your lip curl and you immediately begin to want to pull out all the stops and activate full fierce diva mode.  Jane comes in and walks all over this beat like a bear skin rug and shows it who's boss.  It's so dreamy and velvety you don't want it to end.  When it does though, you immediately press play again.  I absolutely adore this remix and think I want to just lay around on a chaise and be glamorous now...

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