Friday, June 15, 2012

Matt Zarley - Trust Me (TuffCub Sexy Mash)

I've said it before, I don't review remixes unless they are exceptional and this is one of those. TuffCub has taken the original material and accentuated every nuance and made something that is so much greater than the parts. From LMFAO and Akon to Justin Timberlake, there are so many additions to this song that just bring it to a whole new level.

I think he has an immense amount of talent and this remix shows off every minute of that. It's become theatrical and drama filled. I can hear this thumping through the speakers at a HUGE club and a sea of people just losing their collective minds to it. Everything he's added serves a purpose. He seems to have an incredible ear for editing and didn't take it to far (which is something that can be done quite easily).

The tempo is just right for Matt's vocals and they are never overpowered or harmed in any way.  It's really a brilliant mix and I think everyone should listen to it because it's great.  Support this artist because like so many other independent artists, he deserves our support.

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