Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ryan Silverman - Come On Down To My House

I've used a ton of descriptors to help describe how a song sounds and I think this is the first time I would say a song was debonair.  It's sophisticated with a bit of "shaken, not stirred".  Ryan Silverman, a Canadian by birth who has had his fair share of time on Broadway is behind this super stylish ode to one night (or longer) stands.  He reminds me of a line from 30 Rock when Liz Lemon asks Jack why he's wearing a Tux before 5 PM and Jack responds, "I'm not a farmer".  He presents a look so polished and put together but never once did I feel as if I was being pandered to in his appearance, performance or his delivery.  What I did get was a really fun song that is super catchy and takes me to a place where dames walked freely and someone would be called a, "Palooka".

I think there isn't enough in the way of diversity in today's music scene and what Ryan brings to the table certainly makes up for a lack of it.  There is an absolute sense of theatricality and cabaret to this track that makes it so suave and smooth.  He is another artist that I will be looking into and trying to provide you guys with more information about.  For now jump on all the social media and follow him because he deserves it for originality alone.

Ryan on the Web
Twitter: @Ryan_Silverman

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