Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bright Light Bright Light - Make Me Believe in Hope

I think this album is deceptively simple.  What starts out as a very easy going, carefree pop album quickly turns into on of the most astounding records I've listened to in a while.  From melancholy lyrics to soaring 90s-inspired freestyle house anthems, this album is actually pretty brilliant.  You can easily sit down and listen  to it and let it take you where you need to go because it is just that easy.  There are amazing messages of hope and positive growth on this album.  Rod Thomas seems to be able to take so much emotion and roll it up into amazing art.  This is also where his magic comes in, the songs will have you bobbin your head and tapping your feet from the outset but then when you stop for a minute and actually listen to the lyrics, you're just swept up in this tidal wave of emotion that he so eloquently controls and has no problems moving you through.

Songs like "Cry at Films", "Grace", "Love Part II" and practically all the other tracks will just hit you in the what ever emotional center you need them too.  "Disco Moment" is this brilliant song about the end of a relationship and the lyrics are heart wrenching but it's paired against this driving, pulsating beat and the juxtaposition of the two just wears you out in the best possible way.  I just really don't have any other words to say than....wow.  There just comes a point when you listen to this album that you just have to stop everything you're doing and just give it all over to him.  I mean, hell, he's got you wrapped around his finger anyway, might as well just go all in.

This is easily going to be one of my top five albums of 2012 and there are 6 months left in the year.  I will be a huge advocate for him because this album from start to finish is nothing but sheer genius.  The album is going to be available for purchase in the States soon so please buy it when it comes out.  I want him to have some following in the United States because he has shown that he clearly deserves it.  I want to give him all my money.

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  1. First listen I thought it was an accomplished album that dipped in the middle with a bit of sameyness.

    Second listen I thought, well it's samey a bit, but at least the repetition is of a good style.
    Third listen I can't stop listening to it!

    and now the gush!

    I now think it's the second best album of the year. Behind Scissor Sisters and ahead of Our Glorius Leader. Quite the position!

    It does have it's peaks and troughs, but the filler is still good so they are quite shallow troughs! Highlights for me are the opener, Immature, Disco Moment, Cry at Fims and the great ending of Grace.

    It's a brilliantly balanced album and I am most thankful for the recommendation.