Sunday, April 8, 2012

Scott Fernandez - Don't Be Butt-Hurt

When you're a solo artist, it can be difficult to get attention and recognition.  When you're a solo bass player, it may be even harder to get noticed... unless you're Scott Fernandez.  Scott is a Nashville based artist that can make things happen with a bass that could be considered illegal in many states because of the absolute state of euphoria you will find yourself in upon completion of one of his tracks.  Does he care how many strings a bass has... hell no, string counts are for sissies and he is far from being a sissy.  His latest bass weapon that he is commissioning will have 18 strings.  That's right ladies and gentlemen, 18 freaking strings.  That's more strings than my hands have and that's saying a lot.

So let's talk about this track.  This is his first official track he's released as a solo artist.  This marks his journey into greatness.  I cannot speak highly enough about this work of art that he created in one take with no loops, no pedals or added instrumentation.  Just him and his bass.  Here comes my word salad for this track.  Melodic, atmospheric, disastrous, decisive, Prussian, deliberate.  If this song was alive it would be the 4th Infantry Prussian Brigade marching into battle against an army of techno-pagans as they attempt to capture the holy land.  This song would be the apex of the war when the enemy knows they've lost and there's nothing else they can do against a far superior force.  It's the deciding factor that makes them lay down their arms and their women and succomb to the natural course of action as they will be forever known as the suffered an ignominious defeat.

The sound and the feeling this song deliver are so large, it is almost impossible to not feel inspiration welling in your chest as you stand a bit taller knowing that someone has come before you.

Scott is the real deal and there are few bass players that can hold his case, let alone produce work at the caliber he does.  Check him out.  Become friends on FB or Soundcloud or Youtube or all of them.  He's amazing and he will fill you with pride to be a human with the vibratory capacity to full appreciate his realness.

Scott's BandPage

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