Monday, April 9, 2012

Miriam Bryant - Finders Keepers

Don't know a thing about her aside from the power she is hiding in her voice and guess what... she's Swedish (born British, raised Swedish - I mean come on how awesome is that).  Gonna follow her and see where her career takes her but trust me, she's gonna be huge.  In the wake of the potential overexposure of Adele, there aren't enough powerful pop singers around and I think Ms. Bryant will the void quite nicely.  When I get more info, I will fill you guys in more.  I promise.


I was contacted by Miriam's camp and given access to the original version of the song, not the Unplugged version which is the video above and all I can say is, "Holy Hell!" This song is HUGE.  It's a soaring example of what is good about Pop music.  Her vocals are giant and the production doesn't fall short of operatic and theatrical.  This song needs to be on the radio today.

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