Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kendall - A World of Strangers

There aren't many people that have the ability to create provocative images without even trying. Kendall is one of those people that can paint a picture so vivid and clear that it can leave you breathless. This video is no exception. Kendall's knack for being provocative without pandering his audience has become such an in integral part of his charm it's impossible not to get drawn in without even really trying.  The visuals ranging from paganistic to the martyring of Kendall are stellar and they play into the track's sense of isolationism in a world full of people.  The men in the barn lined up in stalls like livestock creates this picture of selling oneself for meat, almost creating nothing more than a manner in which to objectify the human body as property.

I think this song has the ability to make you ask questions about where you fit into this world full of people and how you are part of something.  Do you have the ability to become assimilated for the greater good or are you always going to be on the outside looking in?

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