Thursday, April 26, 2012

Son of a Kid - OK, Then You Say Something

My favorite unsigned Swedish band has done it again and this time, it's darn close to a ballad. Son of a Kid is an amazing group that you need in your life. Mostly because they make music like no one else and they do it for what seems to be nothing more than a love of making music because none of their catalog has ever been released as an album. I want them to release and album because I want to support them so they keep making music. Their music appeals to anyone who has a love for great pop and they have a pretty universal message of love and compassion.  I am such a huge fan of this group and I want them to be mega-stars.  This track is great and I love Alx's vocals in it.  They always have an incredible way of doing something creative and the end of this song is just that... Super creative and fun.  Check it out!!

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