Monday, April 9, 2012

Matt Zarley - Trust Me

This video is the epitome of sheer brilliance. It's one of the most entertaining videos I have seen in a long time. "Trust Me" is one of my favorite tracks off of Change Begins With Me and when I found out it was going to be a single, I was ecstatic. The treatment given to the video takes a super sexy song and makes it even sexier.  Take a modern presidential hopeful, embroil him in some hot man on man action and let the politicos loose.  From start to finish, this video is non-stop and by the 4:15 mark, you're like... "Where'd the rest of the video go"?  It's an absolute blast and it looks like the cast had an amazing time filming it.

The video has an uncanny way of taking what could potentially be too sexy and giving it just the right amount of naughtiness to keep it from being smutty. As fun and exciting to watch the 70s themed party is, I fully feel that Matt is at the highest level of smolder during the dance break because it shows a side of him that we haven't really seen a lot of in his videos.  With very little movement, he commands that group and just owns every bit of the choreography.  It energizes the video and the first time he says, "Trust Me" while sitting in the egg chair after the break...Whoa Mama!

I am super pumped about how great the video turned out and I am glad that in the story of the video they took the scandal and ran with it instead of trying to bury it. I think that between Tom Selleck in Magnum and Matt in this video, the porn-stache has never been worn with as much pride. Great shout out to the mover that gave Matt his number at the end of "WTF" as one of his "political advisors".

Awesome video! Going to be hard to top this one, Mr. Zarley.

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