Monday, April 16, 2012

Moonchild - Be Free

In what could be one of the most sultry of slow jamz I have heard in a minute, Los Angels trio, Moonchild step up and let you know they aren't taking prisoners on this track.  You will submit to their melodic brand of tripped out jazz funkiness and you will get on down.  Amber's vocals are inspired and they are dripping with so much sex appeal.  Not that slutty sex like you get from a dirty glittered out Ke$ha (you know I love my Ke-dollar sign- ha) but more vibing and getting on with the get down like classic sex appeal.  Feminine power and Barry White sex appeal.  The stuff you can't buy in a store.

When the rainstick is turned over, you know just how this is gonna go. Then you get the horns and the authentic hand claps and it's just time to give it up and let them have their way with you, as silky and smooth as it will be. The probably won't call tomorrow but you don't care and nor should you.  This track is just good old fashioned soul music that makes you feel warm all over and I for one am a fan.  I have an amazing friend to thank for turning me on to this, Scott Fernandez (who is also an amazing musician and you should totally fall in love with him too)

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