Monday, April 16, 2012

Introducing Appeasing Lindsay

Australia has always been one of my favorite places for music.  INXS, Midnight Oil, Yothu Yindi, Amy Meredith, Garcon Garcon... and now Appeasing Lindsay.  I ran across this group last night and immediately fell in love.  If you take 1 part Andy Bell and throw in a massive amount of modern sensibility and attitude and you get James Whalley's vocals but make no mistake, it is so much more than that and doesn't deserve to be pigeonholed in that manner.  They have created a sound that takes such a reverent approach to the synth pop genre and melds it with amazing instrumentation that makes their sound so much larger than just what can be produced electronically and you can absolutely appreciate that in their sound.

Their debut EP was released well over a year ago but the music is brand new and relevant.  They have 2 tracks available to stream on their website via SoundCloud and I've put them here as well. I've started listening to music like people watch a fashion show. I need to be able to hear the common thread that makes me realize that what I'm hearing belongs to the same collection but is different enough to make me need to hear more. The same thing clothing designers do with a collection. There are 10 pieces in the new spring collection and they all tell the same story but they have different elements that bring the whole thing together. Both of the tracks on SoundCloud paint an amazing picture of what is to come from this amazing group. "Same People, Same Places, Same Poses" has an amazing amount of emotion wrapped through the song and the lyrics have been very thoughtfully chosen to maximize the full grasp it can have whereas "Sweetie... Even Prom Queens Grow Old" is much more of a rawkus turn to the opposite end of the spectrum. It's a fun party song with a strong lyrical turn of phrase.

You know how right I can be when it comes to predicting who is going to be big and I think Appeasing Lindsay will be doing more to appease a much wider audience in the very near future. I have purchased the EP and will need to spend some quality time with it to better get a more rounded out feeling of their music. When I do, and I've listened to all 5 tracks I will post more about this awesome group. It's $5 on Amazon so go get it.

Appeasing Lindsay on the Web

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