Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gossip - Perfect World

Yes, ma'am. Miss Beth Ditto is back with Gossip and she isn't here to stake a claim in the music industry because she already has her place carved out. her voice is unmistakable, her charisma is undeniable and this song does not disappoint. With the melody and rhythms driving this song forward, Beth dances all over the track with such ease it's like she's sung this song for years.  I dare anyone to challenge the power that she possesses in her range and control over her voice.  Don't make comparisons to other artists because The Gossip has been paying their dues since 1999 and they deserve to be mega stars.

I lived for every track on her solo EP with Simian Mobile Disco, but this is where she belongs. Back with the band making music that is unbelievable. If this is just a taste of whats to come on A Joyful Noise then the music industry is going to be totally under Gossip's spell yet again. The album isn't out until May 22 and maybe this is enough to tide me over but it's gonna be difficult.

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