Thursday, April 19, 2012

Scissor Sisters - Only The Horses

In the second video off Magic Hour, we find our Sisters trapped in an ancient pyramid probably in the Valley of the Scissor Sisters.  The video flashes between 4 saddled horses building up strength to pull the 4 plugs to release the Sisters and scenes of paint being sucked off the bodies of the band members.  This isn't the treatment that I imagine when I hear the song but I can get behind the video because it fits into what they have shown in the past.  I think there is an absolute romantic appeal to this song that pulls it through a poor video treatment.  The song is a natural progression from what we've heard from the previous three albums and I don't necessarily think Calvin Harris as a producer is a bad thing.  I think it shows they have grown into a group that can attract large producers.  2012 has been a huge year for music and it keeps getting bigger and bigger and May 28th is going to be a huge day in the lives of all the fans of the Scissor Sisters.

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