Monday, April 9, 2012

Levi Kreis - Only So Much Justice

I wish I knew how to classify Levi. Is he Blues? Is he Rock and Roll? Is he Gospel?  Well whatever he is, he's someone that can deliver what ever it is you need without ever knowing you needed it.  Every Monday, he releases a new track on his SoundCloud from his library of unreleased tracks and this week we get a glimpse into a full tilt boogie plea for a little more humility and honesty from our friends, neighbors and people we meet all over the place.  "Only So Much Justice" asks the age old question, why am I the one that the universe seems to dump on?  I'm a good person so why is it just me that is always the one that's put out?

After listening to this track, you have a better sense of peace with the universe and all it's shenanigans and can go out and face the world yet again.  So, if you are in need of a good old fashioned lesson that only someone so deep in the soul of humanity can provide, then I suggest you download this track right now.

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