Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Little Jackie - 31 Flavors

My, my, my. You have certainly grown up, Ms. Coppola. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. You are looking at none other than Miss Imani Coppola, 90s songstress responsible for the ever so lovely earworm of a track, "Legend of a Cowgirl" and now Miss Thing is letting us have it with this power pop, soul/funk explosion.  Little Jackie is a project made up of Imani and Adam Pallin, long time friend and producer.  This is the first single I've heard from the group and I am a fan.  It is funky, it showcases Imani's vocals in a way that shows her maturity. It is an amazing step up from her solo days.

They have released several albums and they are doing BandCamp, which is an superb concept where the artists release the albums directly to the fans via digital download.  No middleman, no record store, just you and the artist so you know your money is going where it should.  Once I have time to listen to the album and give it a once over, I'll write about it and probably talk incessantly about it.  I was a super huge fan of Chupacabra, Imani's solo album so I hope I am not let down with this project.

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