Tuesday, February 28, 2012

EP - Garçon Garçon

Much to my surprise and delight today, my hardcopy of EP by Australian Electro-pop duo, Garçon Garçon came in the mail yesterday.  Since removing it from it's very well enclosed mailing envelope, I have listened to it non stop.  Synth and Electro are totally my bag and I this EP will not disappoint anyone who is a fan of the genre.  Think a little Pet Shop Boys, some Spandau Ballet, the lavishness of 80s Kylie and as much glam and over the top fantasticness you can throw together on 5 tracks and you may begin to understand what it is to listen to this album.  It's not all a large flash in the pan, however, this record has depth of character and sensibilities.  The songs are carefully put together, they are written with an experienced hand and Nathan and Nick are able to do nothing short than magic when it is all brought together.

You left without leaving
Your ghost is still here
Don't let go

With as much synth pop floating around these days, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle and I think this is where Garçon Garçon are going to set themselves apart.  The lyrical content is something that I believe is going to be the real seller here.  Sure the tracks are fun and groovy with an outstanding ablility to make you move but listen to the lyrics and you'll see the beauty here is well deeper than just the skin.  My favorite song on the EP is "Save Our Souls" because I think it is a very timeless message of hope that we don't seem to have nearly enough these days.  Over on It's the Money Shot, they did an incredible job of putting the song in context so I'll let them do it.  Go here and read the article then come back and hang out with me some more.  Every time I've listened to the song, I have gotten choked up because of how poignant the song is.

There isn't one bad song out of the 5 and like I said, I am ready for more.  Buy the album on iTunes or get a physical copy from their website.  Support them so we can get a full length album from them.


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