Saturday, February 4, 2012

M.I.A. - Bad Girls

"Live fast, die young. Bad Girls do it well."

First and foremost, damn and double damn. This is what I'm talking about.  Music should be made to make you feel something.  It doesn't matter what it makes you feel as long as an emotion is invoked.  When you pair that with a video that is breath taking in it's visuals, you are sure to achieve a reaction.  I have been a fan of M.I.A. since I ran across "Galang" back in 2005.  Her music is born of her passion and her experiences and influences so this song is right up there with everything she does.  You almost have to watch the video twice because of how much is going on.  I'm not going to attempt to interpret it because I don't think I'm capable.

The song is powerful and resonates deeply even after the track is finished.  Using the traditional Middle Eastern beat structure is oh so clever because it gives the song an edge to it that sets it off right.  The visuals are stunning from beginning to end and you can see how what she's doing is in protest to the antiquated laws and traditions held by many people in the Middle Eastern nations.  From what I understand, there was no CGI used in making this video and the drivers are professional stunt drivers.  M.I.A has always spoken her mind in everything she does and this video is no different.  One YouTube commenter says:
A powerful display of feminist commentary, through a primary use of irony: merging Western constructions of female strength with the traditional patriarchal culture of the Middle East – which is largely seen by the West as backward. The result is a striking assemble of sex, speed, power, fashion, and ultimately – a statement of autonomy of masculine rule. This is exceedingly affective as an ironic incongruity in the regional setting.
And you can see how she is absolutely standing up for what she believes in with this video.  I can't wait to hear more from her new album because I am never not surprised by anything she does.  Also, the video was filmed in Morocco.  Thought that was an interesting fact.

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