Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Freddy Freeman - Eyes of Love

There is an ocean of difference between being religious and spiritual.  So many people in the gay community consider themselves spiritual because there is faith in a higher power and a belief there is a master design, but a lot of us have had our issues with the church and "God's fan club".  It's not the higher being I have a problem with in the least bit, it's the people telling me what I can and cannot do in His/Her name.  So when you come across a song that is full self affirming and so full of promise and hope, all you can do is realize that the hand that wrote it was lead by something greater than themselves.  That can be faith in a higher being, or the realization that they are part of something that is bigger than themselves.

"Eyes of Love" by Freddy Freeman is the first single off his upcoming release, Enter the Stillness and based just on the titles alone, Freddy has come a long way in his journey.  His previous release, Break the Silence was released some time ago (I ran into it when I was living in Nashville and he had a myspace... yes, I know: a myspace?!?)  Freddy is one of the founders of a music festival that is huge in the Bear Community called Bearapalooza and it has seen the likes of Elijah Black, Kendall Kelly, Yolanda, Bobaloo and so many more artists.  It has given artists, performers, songwriters and fans an outlet for music in an industry that may not be the most welcoming.

This song is gorgeous and from the first sitar note, I knew I was in love.  I am a fan of musical fusion and pulling influences from where ever you can find them.  I love traditional Indian music and I have done quite a bit of research into the music because of my love of Bollywood films.  I've used these words to describe other music by different artists but they fit here as well: vast, lush, expansive.  The production design is spot on and it doesn't sound like something thrown together in a basement.  It is all rich and laced with just the right amount of pop sensibilities to make it stand out against other artists and tracks.  The overall feeling you get when listening to the song is so uplifting and powerful that it allows you to become part of something bigger.  If we could all just stop with the judgement, the bickering and the gossip - the world could be a better place and what could be more of a positive sentiment.  It's so easy to talk about but difficult to do.

Now, I have some business to attend to.  You see me every other post talk about how important it is to support these artists.  Why independent artists are so important to me and I try to remind everyone to not be dicks and steal their music but this time, I mean it even more.  Freddy and Jay Freeman are making some pretty large changes in their lives and they need our help.  Why do they need our help, because if we are able to help them, they will be able to create more music and everyone is happy.

So what I need you to do is go to this link: http://freddyfreeman.blogspot.com/p/eyes-of-love-fundraiser.html and give a donation for the single.  Donate whatever you want, whatever you think the song is worth.  It's going to help a well deserving musician be able to continue to craft music that is going to mean a tremendous amount to so many people.

Do it now.  Oh and I couldn't have asked for a better post for my 200th.  This is what it's all about, people.  Helping those out that need it because the universe will  give you back what you put out.  That's a fact!

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