Monday, September 10, 2012

Newest Obsession: Shiny Toy Guns

I realize that I am very late to the party on this band. Almost too late to be considered fashionably late but I'm here and that should be all that matters. I don't know if its the mixture of rock and pop and synth mixed in with the male versus female vocals or if it's just the awesome synchronicity of them all but there is something about this band that is simply magic. I have a very difficult time picking a favorite female vocalist, Carah Faye or Sisely because they are both amazing in their own rights. I like to think that I can hear some Dale Bozzio and Terri Nunn in their vocals. There are so many positive influences you can pick up in their music but it's more than that. They have created their own sound out of the remnants of all these amazing components that make them so much more than a simple synth pop group or even an indie band. They are an amalgam of the best aspects of each genre.

To date, they have only released 2 albums but when it's actually boiled down, their first album, We Are Pilots, was released 3 times by different record labels.  Each time it was released the track listing was different and there were different amounts of songs each time. Carah Faye Charnow was the female vocalist on the first album and she is great.  She has amazing musicality and I love the earthiness of her voice.  I think my favorite track off the first album is "The Weather Girl" followed by "Rainy Monday".  Carah Faye is an awesome vocalist and seeing her in videos shows how much stage presence she has.

The direction the band went with the second album was just so different than the first album. It was more rock and roll than the first album.  There's nothing wrong with that at all, but if you were expecting to hear a similar sound, you would be disappointed.  Sisely Treasure is as different of a vocalist in comparison to Carah Faye as the sound is from album to album.  Where Carah Faye had a grounded quality to her voice, Sisely is just balls to the wall.  "Ghost Town", the second single hits the ground running and you have to keep up with it.  "Ricochet!" is another example of how the sound is just rock and roll.  Again, there's nothing wrong with the's just so different.  It's almost like two completely different bands.

After the second album, they recorded covers of Peter Schilling's "Major Tom" and Blue Oyster Cult's "Burning for You", both for commercials for the Lincoln MKZ and MKS respectively. Most people will recoginize their version of "Major Tom" from the commercial.

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