Saturday, September 8, 2012

Meet Nik Miles

I've recently had the great pleasure to get a sneak peek at what could possibly be one of the next great things to come out of Sweden.  A recent transplant to Sweden, Nik Miles has already begun making a name for himself in the club and circuit scene around the world.  Working with visionaries such as Mary Brown, Jerry Bragin and Holli Ross; Nik is well on the way to stardom.  His unique vocal sensibilities set him apart from many other male pop artists as he is able to deliver on an emotional level that not many other artists can.  He has a genuine quality to his voice and demeanor that set these tracks head and shoulders above the rest.  I think a lot of that has to do with the Swedish influence that can be heard in the production.  I can tell you that this debut EP is going to blow the doors wide open for him and if handled properly, he will have the world at his feet.

There are no missteps in this EP and it's a HUGE EP (13 tracks and 2 remixes).  Each track builds on the previous one and Nik's voice is never overshadowed by the production.  There are super fun tracks and there are anthems.  I think the EP is an amazing showcase of what he can do.  It's got something for everyone and you are sure to find something that will pique your interest.  I have my favorites and when the EP is released, I will do a more formal review and talk about the tracks that I think are going to have the potential to be huge but until then I don't want to be a troublemaker.  

Trust me, Nik Miles is going to be huge.  You want to get in now so that you can say, "I knew him when".

Nik on the Web

Follow Nik on Facebook and Youtube so you can find out when the EP is going to drop.  When it does, don't be a dick and steal it.  Support the independent artists that support you.  

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