Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Matt Zarley - Change Begins With Me

As fun as "Trust Me" was, and it was fun... this is why we pay the admission to see Matt Zarley.  When he is this vulnerable and this honest, you can get to the heart of him.  He is introspective and raw and has the power to just make you stop and listen.  His voice is so powerful and he has amazing control over it and when it's paired with this incredible message of self empowerment there is nothing better.  For me, this is a sermon.  I would go to this church and leave with my soul revitalized.  This is possibly one of the most difficult ideals for you to attain because everyone is so critical of themselves and if you just stop and listen, it can be just that easy.  You don't start from the outside, you have to dig deep and start with yourself.  When you do that, there is absolutely nothing you cannot do.

Matt has been inspiring me for going on two years now.  His music has helped me through some of the hardest times of my life and with him by my side, there isn't anything I can't do.  The gay community doesn't have enough role models and through his message and his devotion to equality, Matt is one of the finest examples of how to live your life not only for yourself but for others around him.  I know I'm gushing but he is important to me.  Plain and simple.

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