Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bright Light Bright Light - Feel It (Official Video)

"When the world falls apart, you're the reason there's still hope in my heart".

I don't think it gets clearer than that.  That's a lyric that makes you just swoon.  That's a lyric that you want said to you.  It's what a mixtape is made up of.  If this was 1992, I would be sitting in my room with a blank tape in my boombox waiting for the radio station to play this song so I could record it off the top 10.  I would then listen to it over and over until I had worn out the tape.  I don't think there is anyone of the cassette age that doesn't know exactly what I'm talking about.  It was that magical age before the internet and digital downloads when you went to Sound Shop or Camelot Music at the mall and bought the cassette single so that you were on the cutting edge.  When the invention of auto-reverse on my Sony Walkman changed the whole game.

Rod Thomas, aka Bright Light Bright Light, is hands down one of my most favorite performers of all time.  He is honest and he creates music that has an incredible way of getting straight to the heart of you.  He can conjure images and emotions with 8 bars and it's the most wonderous trip you've ever been on.  This video is for his new single, "Feel It" which is one of the most amazing tracks off his debut album and I think I've said it before...if this is just his debut...I can't wait to see where he takes us next.  But back to "Feel It".  

I'm going to make a gigantic profession.  I am going to throw caution to the wind and just say it.  You are the  person that I want to spend my time with.  You are the person that makes me feel all the feelings and if I don't let you know then I may just go crazy.

You know you've been there.  You know that you were going to make a huge ass out of yourself but you had to because the words were burning a hole in your chest and they had to come out.  This is what I'm talking about.  This is how I know that BLx2 is a genius.  He takes what I'm feeling and puts it into the words that I knew were there but didn't know how to express them.  There are only a handful of artists that I trust implicitly with my emotions and he is one of them.

The video is super fun.  There's nothing over the top or outlandish.  You don't need all that when the music speaks for itself.  What the video does have is a cameo by Rod's good friend, Del Marquis.  I want to see a side project that has the two of them and they make amazing 90s inspired pop and they have crazy guests on the album: Crystal Waters, Rozella, Company B, Cathy Dennis.  How fun would that be.  Someone set up a Kickstarter, STAT!!

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