Monday, September 24, 2012

Alphabeat - Express Non-Stop

This album should come with instructions. They would be something like this.

  1. Load Express Non-Stop.
  2. Press Play.
  3. Dance your ass off for the next 36:44.
  4. Go back to Step 1 if you are not euphoric (but that'll never happen).
I am so not kidding.  I haven't played a pop album in a long time that just made me this happy.  Listening to this album is the auditory equivalent to having a box of puppies dumped in to your lap.  I think it is physically impossible to not just feel so refreshed and uplifted by just the sheer joy this album produces.  I think this album personifies how they all feel about each other because there is no way that people that don't like each other could make this music.  Yes, I am gushing because it is so fan-freaking-tastic.  This album is going to be what I need in my life when I get down because it will immediately pick me up.

You would think that an album with this much energy would just burn out about half way through but it never does.  They never get to a point where it sounds labored or like they had to fight through the creation of a track.  Not many artists are able to maintain this level of energy but since day one, I think they are the epitome of just pure and simple joy.  

Express-Non Stop is made up of 10 tracks that just build to make sure that you get to where you need to go.  We start off with "The Beat Don't Stop" and it just comes out of the gate swinging and from start to finish, the beat doesn't stop.  "Love Sea", the next track is also the second single and it's super fun.  I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago.  You can read what I said here ------> {X}.  "Since I Met You" and "Younger Than Yesterday" slow things down just a bit and tap into some introspection. These are excellent examples of how you continue the party all while showing off the softer side of Alphabeat before getting ramped up again with "Mad About You", which is this super cool Grease inspired romp through the 60s (or at least that's what I hear).  "Express Non-Stop" has painted this image in my head of a funky train going through the European countryside where our main character is trying to get to his/her baby and everyone on the train is in their best 70s disco get up.  "Vacation" was the first single off the album and you can read what I said here.... {X}  "Brand New Day" is THE pick me up song.  It is the song that will chase every bit out doubt away from anything I do from this point on.  There will never be a situation where I can't win beause of the steel drums and the overwhelming posititvity in this track.  "Show Me What Love Is"  brings us back to the ballady portion of the album and these are ballads (Alphabeat Style). And the album closes out with "Love on the Line" which has this Sandra Dee meets Dancehall Lite vibe to it that totally works.  I can see Stine in a poodle skirt listening to Frankie Valli in the video while she makes puppy dog eyes at her boyfriends 8x10 photo.

It's an incredible album and it's available for worldwide download at there website.  I say go get it now because it's one of the best I've heard in a long time.  It's just amazingly good.  

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