Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mike and Cody - Monster Soul

Take 1 part Foster the People and 3 parts Mike and Cody, put it in a shaker; mix vigorously and what do you get?  You get Mike and Cody's brand new single, Monster Soul.  The track has all the trademarks of a huge single; a great backing track, incredible lyrics and top notch musicality. One of the things that I love about these guys are they aren't afraid to take chances and be who they want to be and not someone that a record label wants them to be.  They've released all their music on BandCamp and were actually named the #1 band out of the entire DC area out of 12,000 other artists.  They have experience in many different genres that allow them to push and pull in any direction they want to go.  They are able to make music that shows off the best of their talents without coming across over done or patronizing.  I think that if this track is able to get some traction, it could easily propel them into orbit.

The track is free so go to their BandCamp and get it and while you're there, grab their album Let's Go because you need it in your life.  It will make you a better person.  That much I am sure.

Mike and Cody @ BandCamp

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