Thursday, March 8, 2012

Right Said Fred - S X A H O L I C

Every so often, I have to talk about a project for the wrong reasons.  You see, in the early 90s I was a fan of one campy British band that had become not only a one hit wonder but somewhat of just a large joke because of the camp factor of their first single.  Yes, you know it; I know it and the entire world knows it.  It's "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred.  There was something magical in the song and in Richard and Fred Fairbrass, brothers in life and in arms behind the sound of this ultra camp band.  I knew from a very tender age that Richard was gay and it wasn't until years later (thanks to the Internet) that my suspicions were confirmed.  The 90s in America didn't get much celebrity gossip so I had to wait for the Information Age to be fully realized in order to get my information.  But I am a fan of the group.  I have owned several copies of different albums along the way and have done as much as I can do to support them from this side of the pond.

Fast forward to today and the release of  the video for the brother's latest song, "S X A H O L I C" and you get a message and visuals you wouldn't expect from an out and proud gay man.  Watch the video and come back and let's discuss.  Here it is:

Ok. You've watched it. Here's my opinion (for what it's worth).

The song: I'll give a 5/10 because there isn't anything compelling there.  It's repetitive and redundant and doesn't challenge any convictions I may have.  That being said, not all pop music has to do that but this doesn't sound new or exciting at all.  It sounds like something I"ve heard over and over again.  For this to be a professional release, the production seems weak.  That's just the song itself.  Tired basslines and overwrought ideals.

The lyrics:  Nothing that is going to make me stand up and sing in a concert along with the band.  And here's were my problem comes in.  They are talking about a woman that wants sex all the time - with a man.  Richard sings about how she takes him into the bathroom on an airplane, does it in a restaurant, on the bedroom floor, the kitchen table, up against the door.  All with him.  Not with someone else, but with him.

The video: Richard runs around being chased by women wearing an airbrushed muscle suit or vamping to the camera in a kilt while Fred plays guitar and slutty women dance and prance.

It's 2012 and I don't think I like watching an out and proud man parading around pretending to be straight for the sake of record sales.  Do some research and see what Richard has done for the gay community promoting awareness and working toward equality.  Hell, his personal life was splashed all over everything when his (ex)boyfriend passed away and Richard was there by his side.

I don't like how this has made me feel about the group and Richards politics.  I know there is so much flack from Hollywood about gay actors being able to play serious heterosexual leads but I don't get that kind of vibe from this at all.  To me, this smacks of desperation from people trying to capitalize on their fame (however fleeting it may be).  I don't expect him to run around singing about sucking cock and being a bum boy but I do want honesty in his work and I think that we have a right in 2012 to get that.

What do you think?  Does this bother you? Do you even care?  Let me know what you think.

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