Sunday, June 19, 2016

Remembering P.M. Dawn (Set Adrift On Memory Bliss)

What is it about the death of people we never even met that hit us as hard as it does. This weekend, Prince Be (Attrell Cordes) passed away from complications of diabetes. I was 15 years old when this song came out in 1991 and I remember how peaceful and blissful it made me when it came on the radio. It was, and still is, one of my favorite songs from that time and it just touches a special place in my life. I was coming into my own with my taste in music. I wasn't listening to what my parents listened to, I was breaking out of the shadow of my older siblings and this was that right mix of hip hop and something new that just drew me in.

We have had a horrible year of tragic losses not only in the celebrity world but just in general. I think that we have to look at life as the series of transient experiences that it is and we have to remember that we aren't promised anything so we make the best of what we have and we love as hard as we can. We create memories and we fill our lives with love and hope and leave some legacy to remembered by.

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