Monday, June 6, 2016

Graingerboy - Flying Solo (Fugitive's 'Far From Home' Mix)

I generally don't write a lot about remixes or alt mixes in general unless they elevate a song into something it wasn't before. This mix does just that, it takes an already amazing song and makes it better without sacrificing the quality of the original. There is a much greater sense of longing and wanting in this New New Wave song and I love how punctuated Graingerboy's lyrics seem against the almost stark background of the track. The new mix has just a bit of a hint of a feeling like this could be a song that Toto could sing. It has a briefly vagueness that reminds me of "Africa" but much much cooler. The drum track is gorgeous as it just follows along with the almost staccato rhythm that the vocals generate. They're a perfect combination that breathe new life into the track.

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