Monday, June 20, 2016

Lauren Ray - Man

It's been amazing watching Lauren grow as an artist and to see that she's got an album about to be released on July 1st is just incredible. I first wrote about her 4 years ago and her voice has only gotten stronger and stronger as time has gone by. She's so grounded and earthy in her vocal presentation that makes me think of Fiona Apple or Shawn Colvin with a hint of Karen Carpenter. The earnestness in her vocals just make her so approachable in what she's saying. It's really quite enjoyable to just hear her and a piano with minimal production and she doesn't need much more than that to capitalize on her strengths. She's one of the voices that could sing the telephone directory and you'd be mesmerized with each name.  So go preorder, 'We Will Need Courage' and get ready for it's release. I want to see amazing things for this woman.

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