Friday, June 3, 2016

Donny Montell - FLY

I absolutely love a self empowerment anthem. We are generally so mired in strife and conflict in our lives we sometimes forget that we are our own best hero as well as our worst enemy and there is no one better than our own selves to look inward and find the strength to get up and go.  This song is super catchy and just has an amazing feel to it (as anthems of this nature should).  What's even cooler about this song is that Donny is from Lithuania and English is more than likely not his first language so he absolutely kills on the delivery of this song.

Take this song and any number of other self empowerment songs; e.g. "Wildfire" by Bean, "Marchin On" by One Republic, "Hard Out Here" by Lily Allen and create a playlist for when you're needing a reminder that you are completely and totally kick ass and you're golden. I hope this song get some traction because it's good. Really good.  Give it a listen and see if you're not feeling a bit better by the end of the first chorus.

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