Wednesday, June 22, 2016

DJ Brian Maier - Searching (For Your Gods)

DJ Brian Maier is one of those amazing artists that just knows how things fit together. It's more than being able to load some tracks into ProTools and mashing them together or creating a playlist. It's about having a vision that takes you through the end of the project. It's knowing what trip you want to guide your listeners through. It's guiding them where they need to go even when you don't even know their story or where they've been. You're in charge of them for however long the set is and you are leading them through this world you're creating. You've got control over their highs and lows, their ups and downs and it takes more than someone with a laptop and some samples and loops to be able to do that. You're taking a risk and you're asking people to allow you to do this for them. You're defining a world and an experience that you're hoping people will understand and follow along with you. It's more than a playlist. It's more than just music at this point. It's even more than an artist recording an album because at that point, the recording artist may not have an overall feeling or idea of where they want you to go and it's sometimes a discordant grouping of songs they recorded over a period of time.

A DJ set or podcast or however you want to call it is taking all those songs and putting them together in a manner in which the mood you're elevating people to doesn't stop because one unharmonious note can kill it all.  There aren't many out there that do it with the precision that Brian does. Take a listen to this deep house mix and see what you think. Then download it and subscribe to his social media platforms.

Track List
  1. Crookers, Kym - A Place In My Heart
  2. Cristoph - Control
  3. Prok & Fitch - Got Drums
  4. Prok & Fitch - Heatwave
  5. Skober - Keep Calling
  6.  Pig & Dan - Stella
  7. Christian Nielsen - On My Mind
  8. Amtrac - Hold On (VIP Mix)
  9. Dennis Cruz - New Life
  10.  D-Formation - Balkia
  11. Rene Zmesz - In And Out
  12. Isaac Tichauer - Higher Level (Bicep Mix)
  13. Roberto Capuano - Maison
  14. Dubspeeka - K377 Unfriended
  15. Robosonic - Drowning (Dub)

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