Monday, June 6, 2016

Lectrolips - Daddy Issues

The synth is brilliant, the lyrical content is brilliant. It's a song that challenges you to begin with but then you sink in and listen to how it all comes together and it's pretty spectacular. UK based group, Lectrolips has never shied away from pushing boundaries with their lyrical content and I think they are amazing for making you step away from the headphones and say, "Wow. I'm honestly glad I heard someone say that in a song".  This is a song about relationships and the pain that can be brought on through the course of one. It's about taking a stand and realizing that you don't have to be taken advantage of and made to fee less than. It's about taking your power back and being your own man in spite of your own self. It's walking away from someone that knows exactly what they can do to hurt you and that's an amazing realization on your own. It takes quite a bit to get to that point sometimes when things are done under the guise of love. I am quite glad that this song exists and I honestly hope that people get to hear it because this one track could give someone the courage to end something that needed to have ended a while ago.

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