Monday, June 27, 2016

Graingerboy - Saturnine (Radio Mix)

I've talked about Graingerboy before and I'll continue talking about Graingerboy. The decisions he makes and the risks he takes are absolutely brilliantly engineered. His voice is fluid and has the most amazing quality that just wraps you up like you're sharing an afternoon with an old friend. The fact that he's not signed to a contract with a label blows my mind. This song is no different than what he's put out before. It's still the amazing production. It's still got the stellar quality to his voice. The lyrics are exceptionally well thought out. It's all just twinged with a bit of melancholy or what some may call saturnine.

This is taken from his upcoming album, 'Enemyforward' and it's good.  It's melodic and just washes over you. It makes no demands of you and just gives you exactly what you need from it. It's very new romantic there's a yearning to the song. There's a longing that makes you think of a better time and place.  These are the songs that we need but we don't know we need them and that's a damn good thing because there are artists out there like Simon Grainger that know how to express moments of human condition better than we know how to. He touches the places we are sometimes unwilling to and he writes them for us so that we can have better access to our own thoughts and feelings. This makes us part of something bigger and I am grateful for that.

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