Monday, July 2, 2012

City Rain - I'm Gone

One of my most favorite past times is traveling the world that is Youtube because you never know what the most amazing thing you are going to find will be and inevitably, there are always amazing things right around the corner. And no I'm not talking about awesome honey badgers or cats with bread on their head, I am talking about the next thing in music. I've talked about DreamPop before in the form of M83 or The Fuse and now I am adding another group to that already dynamic list. I want to introduce City Rain. City Rain is made up of Ben Runyan and Jarrett Zerrer, who hail from Philadelphia and have already taken the music scene by storm and have started working their way across the map.

Even though this video was released a year ago, I think that it's was ahead of its time and the musical landscape of the US is ready for them now. The vocals are super dreamy, the vibe is awesomely mellow and laid back. It's totally a song you just throw on and drive... much like the video. Songs like this don't need videos with huge production and staging. This video does everything that it needs to do for the song. It showcases off the guys, it sets an mood and runs with it. That's all you need. A great song doesn't need a ton of embellishment. It's just got this atmosphere to it that allows it this incredible amount of space to grow and become this incredible song in 3 minutes and some change. I love how their vocals blend so well together and how they both have this incredible stage presence.

Much like other incredible acts; Zelliack, Little Jackie, Mike and Cody and others, they have taken their musical destiny in their own hands by hooking up with BandCamp. It's this super amazing project that allows artists to sell their music directly to the fans and cut out the middle men. I love this and anytime an artist does it, I am all about it and buy up evertyhing I can from them.

As soon as I know more about this super cool duo, I will post it so everyone can see. until then, go buy their goods and support them. You know it's the small acts that are the backbone of the music industry and it's incredibly important that we support them.

City Rain on the Web
Twitter: @cityraintunes 

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