Monday, July 2, 2012

Sergey Lazarev - Take It Off

I am a gigantic fan of Sergey Lazarev. There has never been a doubt about that. I appreciate his music. I dig his message and I think that he is a constant reminder that the world, yes the entire world, is a global music community. For whatever reason (I am going to blame stereotypes), it's hard for me to look at Russia and see a bustling mecca or a country that is capable of standing side-by-side with other countries when it comes to their musical exports. But then I hear Sergey and those misconceptions are cleared up. I think he is just as strong as most of the artists that get mainstream airplay in America and in a lot of cases he is stronger.

His brand of pop music elevates him to a level that not many male artists attempt to attain. He appears to never take himself too seriously and that shows in his music. He is an artist that simply enjoys what they do and it comes through in everything they do. This song, "Take It Off", is just a super sexy example of what can be done when you just let things happen. It's a bit dance, a bit pop, some sex appeal and just enough dubstep to not throw it over the edge. It's a great summer song and I think that if he were able to get airplay around the world this song would be huge. Take a listen and subscribe to his Youtube Channel and his Facebook page because you'll never know when your own notions may be challenged.

Sergey on the Web
Twitter: @sergeylazarev

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